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This month’s program features many of the exercises from August’s workout, but with lots of small tweaks: some exercises have been ‘dialled up’ whilst others have been combined into a hybrid movement to make the exercise… interesting.

It goes to show that you don’t always need to change the whole exercise to make things challenging again - simply switching to a different body position or combining movements can alter the relationship to gravity and bring a whole new challenge

There’s a little bit of everything in this month’s program but with emphasis on the side waist, or the obliques.

This area is sometimes neglected in traditional abdominal exercise routines, which often focus on the elusive ‘six-pack’ muscles at the front. However, it’s important to consider that a balance of strength through all sides of the torso is necessary to support a healthy spine - excess strength in the front abdominals will tend to pull the body forward into a ‘flexed’ shape, potentially causing low back weakness.

This month’s program focuses on the underarm shoulder stabilisers (known in our studio as the ‘bra-fat muscles’) together with awareness of neutral spine in various positions. 

Round shoulders, neck tension, a stooped posture. These conditions are often labelled under the umbrella term ‘poor posture’. Left unattended they can lead to more-serious conditions such as frozen shoulders, migraines and spinal disc degeneration. The problem often originates from sitting in a slouched position for long periods (for example in front of a computer), causing the shoulders to shift forward. This forces the neck and head to shift, too, resulting in an excessive curve in the back of the neck with the chin jutting forward, or a ‘chicken head’ posture.