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Fab Lower Abs

Following last month’s focus on upper abdominals, this month it’s time for the lower abs to shine.

Muffin top, pooch belly, food baby - doesn’t matter what you call it, the lower tum is one of the hardest areas to target with traditional fitness exercises. This is because they tend to be flexion-type movements such as sit-ups or crunches. Their effectiveness is limited however, as the deep lower-belly muscle fibres run horizontally and are activated by a ‘drawing-in-and-up’ of the abdominals, as opposed to a forward-flexion of the torso.

The benefits of this drawing-in activation are threefold: a flatter appearance of the abdomen, a strengthening of the deep spinal muscles and a stronger pelvic floor. Who wouldn’t want all of that!

A strong, deep-core connection via this ‘drawing in and up' activation is one of the fundamental principles of pilates, so in fact all pilates exercises naturally incorporate deep core work. And when the lower-abs are targeted specifically in pilates this connection and intensity is even deeper. Put simply, the results are doubled.

Target your lower abs this month at Wirral Pilates & Movement Centre.