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Happy Easter, everyone! A couple of weeks ago it seemed as if we were stuck in perpetual winter and spring would never come. But, finally, it’s here! The daffodils are out, the clocks have moved forward and at last we can see the park in the evenings.

Holidays are a great time to reflect, to take stock of whether you’re on the right track. Are you on the right track? Did you have a goal at the beginning of the year that has somehow gotten left behind? Can you course-correct?

One of the best ways to get back on track is to commit to taking care of your health. Perhaps this may seem unrelated to your other goals, but when you prioritise health and fitness there’s far more energy to direct to everything else. My previous job entailed fitness coaching private clients, mostly CEO’s of large companies. I rarely met one who didn’t have exercise scheduled as part of his/her weekly (usually daily) plan - it was just another appointment in their diary. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Things like work, family commitments and finances are often subject to change but commitment to health is one of the few things under our direct control. And devoting a couple of hours each week to movement not only improves health but increases resilience in the face of all the other things that you can’t control.

Any movement is good, and the more variety the better. If you’re looking for efficiency then pilates is a great place to start: mobility, strength, balance, core control and body awareness - it’s all there. Commit to one weekly class and you’ll feel the benefits within a month or two. Commit to twice-weekly classes and you’ll move better than you thought possible. Stay in it for the long haul and, as Joseph Pilates himself proclaimed, “you’ll have a whole new body”.

Looking forward to seeing you in April.

Louise x

PS The double Saturday classes will remain in place for now, so no Saturday Intro Classes for April (Thursdays running as normal). If the Saturday classes still have good numbers then I’ll look at rescheduling the Intro Class for a different time on Saturdays.